Hogden Industries

Delivering Resources to the World


At Hogden Industries, we excel at designing, developing and managing projects by complementing your existing company resources, identifying and creating new ones within your organization, and making them into a practical & profitable reality.

Most often the beginning of growth and expansion is the most difficult and intimidating process of launching into new areas. Our purpose is to make that process as seamless & cost effective as possible.

With the involvement of our professional team members, we can help your company establish the exceptional design and development needed for a thriving and profitable culinary experience. Successful project management, design, installation and logistics solutions for your organization are at the forefront of our thinking.


By bringing Hogden Industries into your development plans, you will have engaged a group of people focused on your specific needs. Many responsibilities are associated with new design ideas, projects and food service ventures. New business plans fail to get off the ground simply because the start up involved would overload existing staff, or overreach current operational effectiveness.

The process of integrating Hogden Industries into your plans allows your company to maintain necessary focus on its core business operations while providing the needed resources for development.


“Success Gone to Seed” is a company motto we take seriously. We believe that within every organization are successful seeds of greatness. When cultivated and developed properly, these provide long-lasting effects that will “seed” your company with success for years to come.

As we work alongside your organization, our excellent “hands on” work ethic and experience allows you and your team to move toward realistic and profitable ideas for long-term success.


Design & Installation: We excel at designing & installing State-of-the-art spaces to help you offer your clients and employees a new level of excellence and a quality experience.

Project Management: Let Hogden Industries assist you in reaching the next level of growth and productivity through professional support of your development processes.

Logistics: We specialize in the detailed coordination of complex operations involving many people, organizations, facilities, and supplies from procurement to end use.

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